Becca Lane, Director/Teacher


Becca Lane, our director/lead teacher, believes in the magic of childhood and works to create an environment that meets the children physical, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She loves sharing her love for the world around her with those in her care and feels that the best gift to share with the children is the joy of learning.  She received her undergraduate degree from Furman University in 2002 and then pursued her teacher licensure several years later at University of North Carolina, Asheville.  After working on her teacher licensure, Becca worked as a support person in several area elementary schools.  It was during this time that she discovered Waldorf Education.  In 2009, she worked at a small, cooperative school that was inspired by Waldorf.  It didn't take long for her to realize this was her passion and calling and one year later she and her husband, Scott, opened Little Round Schoolhouse.  

Becca continues to be a student of lifelong learning herself and has immersed herself in early childhood education and trainings. She has been completed certifications as both a Simplicity Parenting Leader and a Simplicity Parenting Counselor.  She enjoys offering families both group support and one-on-one support in this life-changing practice of simplifying. 
Most recently, Becca has completed the LifeWays Early Childhood Education Certification Program.  She is blessed to have several mentors in her life that continue to challenge and grow her as a teacher, mother, and person.  

Before opening Little Round Schoolhouse, Becca taught in elementary, middle, and high schools in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Alaska.  


Shannon McAbee, Assistant Extraordinaire 


Shannon has been working with Little Round Schoolhouse since we opened our doors; first as a substitute and now as the assistant. She is the mama to three older children and reflects on those early years with her own children as joyful and magical. Now she gets to help create magic and joy for the children here at school. We value her patience, clarity, and grounded presence at Little Round Schoolhouse.