Autumn Learning Circle

Our seasonal learning circles help you bring the magic and joy of Storytime into your home with curriculum, resources, community, and support.

This program is intended for Storytime Members, and is an extension to the daily Storytime videos. To become a Storytime member, click here. 

The Learning Circle includes:

  • Downloadable PDF Curriculum for the complete season of Storytime
    (Which includes: Storytime video themes and activities for children 2-12 years old, Storytime stories and summaries, our circle time lyrics, a seasonal calendar of all events, additional extension activities for the whole family, etc) 
  • Monthly calendar of outdoor activities to inspire your family to explore the natural world
  • Extension activities for older children
  • Parent education night with Ms. Becca (online; recording available)
  • Detailed craft instructions for the monthly “Craft Visit with Ms. Rae”
  • An additional “Craft Visit with Ms. Rae” including Seasonal Circle exclusive videos and detailed PDF instructions for each craft.
  • Virtual parent craft night (craft workshop for adults taught over zoom; recording available for later viewing as well)
  • Additional family crafts and suggestions to correspond with the week’s story/theme
  • Monthly informal parent gatherings to create a deeper sense of community (online).
  • And more!
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Registration Closes August 31

Registration for our Autumn Learning Circle closes at midnight on August 31. Join today! 

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