Simplify your child's toys and change your life

simplicityparenting Feb 06, 2021

Here in the northern hemisphere, the light is overcoming the darkness and we are quickly moving toward springtime. My family has enjoyed several good snows in our new home; exploring the snow covered woods and sledding down big, open hills. We don't always get good snows in southern Appalachia so they feel like a sweet gift when we do.

Simplify Your Child's Toys & Change Your Life

Most of us are spending a lot more time at home than usual as we navigate this ongoing pandemic. In the last newsletter, I shared some ideas about rhythm. This month I am hearing from many people who are feeling overwhelmed by their physical spaces and the clutter that surrounds them. When we are spending all day at home together, we are much more aware of how our space affects us.

I have watched hundreds of families lessen anxiety and overwhelm merely through simplifying their physical environment (think: TOYS).

Reducing your child's toy collect is known to:

  • Reduce general anxiety and overwhelm.
  • Increase creative, independent play.
  • Increase cooperation around tidying up.
  • Increase care of their belongings.
  • Decrease sibling rivalry.

But where do you start? If you've been wanting to make some simplifying changes but feel overwhelmed by the process, I'm here for you! 

The following graphics are two pages from my Toy Simplification Program and are intended to give you direction and encouragement as you set out to reduce your child's toy collection. 

 A couple years ago, I hosted a Toy Simplification Challenge and filmed this video as an introduction to toys, the power of simplifying toys, and where to begin the process. 

Simplifying your child's toys really can change your life. Most parents are surprised at the positive affects felt through the entire home. Simplicity Parenting begins with our environment for a reason: simplifying our physical space creates such immediate positive change that we are encouraged to go deeper and work on the more challenging aspects of simplification (like rhythm, scheduling, and the adult world).

Have you done a major toy simplification? I'd love to hear about both the process and the outcome.

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