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Media Free March

Feb 20, 2019

We have had a winter of illness in my house. First, dear daughter had a planned surgery that resulted in a month in a wheelchair and many, many weeks of limited activity. Then I had the flu. Then my children had strep. Then my children had the flu. 

As a single mom who works from home mom, this meant that my usual low-media children were watching loads of movies. Loads. Like several a day. Now that we are coming out of all this sickness, I see there is a problem. My children have forgotten how to have downtime! They have forgotten what a gift boredom can be! The instant they have "nothing to do," they are asking to watch something.

Ugh. I worked so hard to limit media and avoided it completely when they were young. They are now 9 and 13 and our once-weekly family movie time has turned into daily pleas of "Let us watch something! We are bored." 

It's time for a reset. 

Media Free March, here we come.
Yes, I made that up but it does sound catchy. 

I have alerted my children who aren't taking me seriously yet. I'm not even sure if I'm taking me seriously yet. 

Here is our plan. March is no media. We will continue with our Saturday night movie night but will not have any watching or playing outside of this time. Zilch. None.

I know that there is a period of detox coming and it will take time to change their habits from "let's watch something" to "let's go outside and play in the forest!"

But I'm committed to this detox and reset. Just in time for spring!

Who wants to join us?

I plan to share our experience and journey via social media. Let's use the hashtag #nomediamarch and encourage each other along.

We got this.


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