Jan 08, 2019


As we enter this new year, I am spending time thinking about where I have been and where I want to go. 

And why. 

I shared via a newsletter (you're not in on that? take care of that here) last week that my word for the year is intentional.

I like to pick a word to focus on for the year and let it inform the many areas of my life--both the large and the small: my relationships, daily habits, choices we make as a family about our time and money, etc, etc.


So what is my intention with putting so much energy into this space at Supporting Simplicity Parenting? Why am I doing this?

I thought it was worth answering. Both for myself and for you.

A decade ago, I followed a spark in my heart and opened a school in my backyard. The school quickly became my third child and another guru in in my life. The children, the families, and the experience of holding a community has taught me more than I am sure I have taught them.

As I was getting my feet wet in this leadership role, I discovered Simplicity Parenting. The teachings of Kim Payne resonated with me deeply. It wasn't long before I took a formal training with him...then another...then another.

The work immediately changed my family life and it didn't take long for it to overflow into other areas. Soon I was leading the school community in book studies and extended study groups around what I had learned. Families met with me and I counseled them through challenging issues using the lens of Simplicity Parenting. I watched simplicity produce results every time.

In short, I watched my family's life change.  Then I witnessed dozens of other families experience meaningful and lasting change.

I have confident, trust, and hope in this perspective. I want to share it with those beyond the walls of my own program and help more families to realize ease and connection in their lives.

Why? Because well-being matters.

Our modern life is fast and furious and overwhelming. It is easy--it is common--for ourselves and our children to suffer as a result. We become anxious, overwhelmed, depressed, and irritable. 

While we cannot step out of modern life, we can make conscious, intentional choices about how we live our hours, days, weeks, and years. Through the lens of Simplicity Parenting, we can simplify one, small change at a time. The effects are immense; even after just one change. 

What if your family's life matched the hopes and dreams you had years ago?

It can.

When we live our lives with more intention, we align our lives with our deepest values.

It's my hope to help more families do just that.

I invite you to join me in living more intentionally this year. 

Let's do this, 2019.


P.S. Get a head start on your simplifying by reducing the number of toys you have! Impossible? Nah! Download my Toy Simplification workbook and I'll walk you through it. 

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