Children's Garden

A program for children ages 3-6 1/2

Our mostly-outdoor, play-based program has been supporting families and children for over ten years. 

Our Children’s Garden is a twice weekly drop-off program for children ages 3-6.5. This program is designed for families who don’t need a full time program yet seek community and support on their parenting journey.

Our Children’s Garden meets Mondays and Tuesdays from 9am-1pm. When the weather allows, parents are invited to stay after pickup from 1-2pm for a community picnic and time to connect.

Many parents desire to bring home the rhythm, simplicity, and joy of the Waldorf early childhood classroom. Our Children’s Garden intends to close the gap between home and school and provides families with the materials, information, and support to bring these impulses home. Participating families will receive seasonal workbooks that include daily blessings, transition verses, and songs as well as seasonal circles, stories, crafts, and celebrations.

We draw a great amount of inspiration from the Waldorf model of early childhood education which doesn’t include any formal academics.  We believe that play is the true work of childhood and lays the foundation for academic learning later in life. Learning through play provides a framework for problem solving and critical thinking, as well as a love for lifelong learning.

We surround our children with simple, natural toys and experiences.  We let the children do things directly for themselves, trusting in their natural development and growth.

 We enjoy a daily rhythm of activities including indoor and outdoor free play, circle time and story time, cooking and baking gardening, and seasonal crafts.  

We are a small school of dedicated teachers with many years experience working with children.  We value lifelong learning in ourselves and strive for continual education outside of the classroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a mixed-age preschool/kindergarten for children ages 3-6.5.
(We require children to be potty learned to attend.)

We are located in the Bent Creek area by the Arboretum. We are a home-based program; meaning our program is located on the property where I live with my family. Please send us a message to schedule a visit.

Tuition is charged annually and can be paid in one, two, or nine payments. We ask for a materials fee and deposit to hold your child's spot. Please see our Enrollment Agreement for specific financial obligations.

We are a part time program meeting Mondays and Tuesdays from 9AM-1PM September through May. We take breaks for winter holidays and spring break.

Please see our Enrollment Info page to learn about registering your child for our program.

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"Receive the children with reverence, educate them with love, and send them forth in freedom."

Rudolf Steiner
Founder of Waldorf Education

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