Create the family life you've always hoped for

In our world of too much, too soon, too fast, we can feel like we are paddling upstream against the current of our culture. Using the principles of Simplicity Parenting, you will carve out more joy and ease in your family life; bringing you one step closer to the family life you've always envisioned.

Our Signature Program

This course is for you if:

  • You are ready to make space for more ease and joy and less anxiety and overwhelm. 
  • You are willing to take stock of your family life and parenting and create changes that move you toward the life you desire
  • You want to cultivate more moments of connection and ease with your child(ren).
  • You desire for your days and weeks to have more consistency, rhythm, and flow.
  • You wish you could balance all the activity with downtime together as a family.
  • You yearn for connection with other parents who also want to slow down and simplify.
  • You would appreciate the support and encouragement of a community and coach as you make lasting, meaningful changes in your family's life.

This course gives you the tools, resources, & support to:

  • Reduce your child's toy collection, focusing on toys that increase imaginative play and decrease sibling rivalry.
  • Create a family rhythm that gives your days and weeks a more consistent flow.
  • Find the time and space to balance activities outside the home with downtime together as a family.
  • Reduce certain information from the adult world that may overwhelm your child; including adult conversations, media, and screen time.
  • Better recognize how simplification can address overwhelm and anxiety in your child and when you need to revisit the simplification process.

Explore Our Signature Program


WEEK 1: Welcome & Orientation
Creating a blueprint for our course & community

  • This week you will learn the platforms that will guide our course for the next 15 weeks.
  • You will be introduced to the Simplicity Parenting framework and learn about the four pillars of simplicity.
  • You will set your intentions for the course and begin to get to know the other course participants.

Values & ideals: Motivation for change

  • You will learn why simplifying is the most efficient way to reduce overwhelm & anxiety.
  • You will consider your family's values and how simplifying brings your life more into alignment with these values.
  • You'll be introduced to the Simplicity Change Process and how it will guide the changes you'll be making at home during this course.

Developing the Instincts of Love

  • You will learn what Soul Fever is and how to recognize it in your child. 
  • Your perspective of your child will shift as you consider the idea of Soul Fever and how you might respond to it.
  • You will learn how Soul Fever is a warning bell that it's time to simplify (more/again).
  • You will learn the Whole Child Meditation, giving you a tool to respond rather than react to your child in moments of challenge or chaos.

Creating Context for Connection

  • You will take stock of your home and learn to recognize how clutter adds to our anxiety and overwhelm (as parents and children).
  • You will learn how fewer toys benefit children; increasing free play and imagination and decreasing sibling rivalry and clean-up challenges.
  • You'll be guided on how to reduce the toy clutter; what to get rid of vs what to keep and how to organize what remains.
  • You will simplify your child's room or play space, creating a space that is free of clutter and allows more space for play.
  • You will be able to identify what toys spark imaginative play and how to create play spaces that welcome open-ended, creative free play.
  • You will consider your own adult spaces (the kitchen, your closet, etc) and how you might simplify those spaces.

Making a place for pause

  • You will learn how a consistent and predictable rhythm calms children and adults and substantially eases stress and overwhelm.
  • You will observe your family's daily and weekly rhythm for one week, taking note of any particularly challenging moments.
  • You will build "anchors" into the challenging spots, adding moments of connection and calm and reducing chaos and challenge.
  • You will begin to build a consistent rhythm starting with meal times and bedtime and expanding out from there.

Building balance

  • You will learn the importance of downtime, normal days, and boredom and how they help your child develop self-motivation, focus, and drive.
  • Your appreciation of boredom and its importance will grow. You'll learn how to respond when your children are bored without giving into screen time.
  • You will spend a week recording all your activities that take place outside the home.
  • You will create a simplifying change that brings more balance between your family's activities and your downtime.

WEEK 12-13: Filtering Out
Protecting & Strengthening Our Children

  • You will learn the effects of news and media on children and ideas for keeping sensitive information away from young children.
  • You will record your own screen use for one week and reflect on how your own screen time affects your parenting.
  • You will create screen rules for your family and consider screen free times of the day/week. (This is valuable even if your children are much younger; make those rules for them to grow into.)
  • You will reevaluate your personal beliefs about parenting, childhood, and your children and how these beliefs affect your parenting.

WEEK 14-15: Simplicity To Go
Building community & resiliency for our families

  • You will learn how to continue creating sustaining changes once the course is officially over.
  • You will look into the future, creating simplicity goals to guide you over the next few months and years.
  • You will consider what changes you have made during the course and what changes have had the most positive influence.
  • You will again study the change process, seeing new understandings and planning how to use it moving forward. 

Bring your family life more into alignment with your values & hopes


  • Imagine making time for fun, connection, relaxing.
  • Imagine your child’s room uncluttered, peaceful.
  • Imagine your family’s days acquiring a sense of order, rhythm and flow.
  • Imagine your child having unscheduled time every day to daydream and play.
  • Imagine what is said at home becoming more kind, true and necessary.
  • Imagine using “unplugged” time for the family to be together.
  • Imagine learning tools, like meditations and visualizations, that enable you to respond rather than react to your child(ren).

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