Access a world of gentle, joyful Storytime episodes¬†and¬†meaningful, nature-based projects for children 3-7+ ‚Äď designed to inspire creativity and a love for the natural world while laying a foundation for later academic learning.


Nature-based ~ Inclusive ~ Secular

Our approach to early childhood enrichment...

Developmentally Appropriate

We carefully create our Storytime episodes and accompanying projects for the various ages and development stages of early childhood.

Slow, Gentle Media

Storytime is a wonderful introduction to media. Its simple, slow episodes foster creativity while not overstimulating your child.

Meaningful Projects

Our craft, kitchen, and outdoor projects provide children the fulfilling experience of creating something meaningful.

Heart-Centered Parenting Model

Storytime models presence and joy. Parents report feeling calmer and more connected to their children with Storytime.

Inspires Creative Play

Storytime inspires creativity and imaginative play beyond the screen.


Screentime Parents Can Feel Good About

  • Provides enrichment and inspires creativity.¬†
    Low-stimulation episodes that inspire singing, storytelling, puppetry, and creative arts.
  • Gentle, kind, and wholesome.¬†
    A real person who loves children is on the other side of the screen.
  • Stories for every season and occasion.¬†
    Nature, folk, fairy, and pedagogical tales crafted for early childhood.
  • Go beyond the screen.¬†
    Pair kitchen, craft, and outdoor projects with each week’s story.

Gentle, Slow, Nature-Based Episodes for Each Weekday

Episodes are organized by week and month inside the Storytime dashboard.

  • Nature-based stories and puppet shows.
  • ‚ÄúCircle time‚ÄĚ songs, poems, and fingerplays.
  • Video craft tutorials from our early childhood handwork teacher.
  • ‚ÄúField Trips‚ÄĚ to visit wilderness places and community spaces.


Over the moon in love.

Greetings from Fairbanks, Alaska! We joined last week, when Miss Rae taught us how to make these tissue paper lanterns. My little 2.5 year old was over the moon in love with this craft. I couldn’t be happier with starting our storytime journey illuminated by your inspiration and genuine love, we can feel it all the way up here in the cold north. My child has already memorized the songs, the story, and the dragon breathing exercise from last month. Thank you so very much for sharing your light, Miss Becca.
~ Ashley L.



I was skeptical. Now I’m all in.

My 3.5 year old and I have just recently completed the free intro week of Little Round School House. I was a little skeptical because we are a primarily screen-free family. However, the Circle Time was so special and added so much more to our day than I imagined it could!!!! Needless to say, I am “all in."

~Rebekah S.

Unlimited Enjoyment. No Matter Where You Are.

No recurring subscription. One payment with lifetime access. 

Watch via our app.

Download for enjoying offline.

Stream from our website.


What's Inside Storytime?

When you purchase Storytime, you can access the online dashboard with all the episodes and resources.

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Storytime episodes

An episode for each weekday, four weeks a month!

Seasonal Circle Times

A new, nature-based circle time for each month‚Äď including seasonal songs, poems, & fingerplays.

Stories & Puppet Shows

Gentle, nature-based stories, including folk tales, nature tales, and teaching tales carefully crafted for early childhood.

"Craft Visits with Ms. Rae"

Our early childhood handwork specialist teaches two video-based craft projects each month as part of the Storytime episodes. We include a materials list and instructions for each project.

Additional Extension Projects

Each month includes 12+ coordinated craft, kitchen, and outdoor projects that align with our stories and themes.

PDF Guidebook

The guidebook lays out all the stories, songs, crafts, and other projects in one easy-to-use location.



Miss Becca showed me how.

I knew there were certain things I wanted to incorporate in our homeschooling, including circle time, songs and fingerplays, and self-expression through storytelling and reenactment, but there was nothing available specifically showing me how to do all these things ‚Äď until I discovered Ms. Becca and Storytime.

~ Megan



More wonder in daily life

The circle time helps me bring more wonder into daily life. I don’t have to remember to research and learn finger plays and songs, or think of seasonal stories. I can watch a few with my child and learn it all and keep doing it outside of Storytime.



Join me inside the Schoolhouse!

We offer two ways to purchase Storytime: the full program or by the season.


  • Four seasons of Storytime episodes.
  • Four seasons of corresponding kitchen, craft, and outdoor projects.
  • Watch videos from the Little Round Schoolhouse app.
  • Download and watch offline.
  • Stream from our website.
  • Storytime Member Podcast // Audio versions of the Storytime episodes
  • Private Facebook Community for Parents & Caregivers
  • Sliding Scale available (‚ÄúPick Your Price‚ÄĚ)


  • One season of Storytime episodes.
  • Single season of corresponding kitchen, craft, and outdoor projects.¬†
  • Watch videos from the Little Round Schoolhouse app.
  • Download and watch offline.
  • Stream from our website.
  • Ability to upgrade // If you wish to upgrade to the full program, send me an email and I‚Äôll credit the cost of this purchase toward the price of the full program.

Purchase the FULL PROGRAM

Little Round Schoolhouse¬ģ¬†offers sliding scale pricing for¬†Storytime's full program.

$325 | Tier 1

This is for you if:

  • You are comfortably able to meet all your basic needs. You may have some debt, but it doesn‚Äôt threaten your security or well-being.
  • You have financial security, a personal savings account you regularly contribute to, or you own your home/property.
  • You ‚Äúpay it forward‚ÄĚ with this price by creating support access for those with less while supporting a more equitable world.
Purchase FULL PROGRAM for $325

$250 | Tier 2

This is for you if:

  • You may be paying off debt or working to build savings, but you have access to a regular income.¬†
  • You do not spend most of your time thinking about meeting basic needs such as food, shelter, medical care, child care, etc.¬†
  • Making this investment means cutting back on some discretionary spending (such as going out to dinner, buying coffee, or buying a new outfit), but the sacrifice is short-term.
Purchase FULL PROGRAM for $250

$175 | Tier 3

This is for you if:

  • You have frequent stress from meeting basic needs.
  • You qualify for government assistance such as food stamps and health care.
  • You don‚Äôt have access to personal savings.
  • Paying the middle tier would make things difficult for you in the short term. You could put away money each month to save up for the middle tier of the program, but you would have to save for longer than six months.
Purchase FULL PROGRAM for $175

Purchase by the SEASON 

If you purchase a season of Storytime and wish to upgrade to the full program, I will credit the cost of the season to whatever pricing tier you choose for the full program.

Storytime //
Summer Season

$75  $50

Our Summer Season is currently a bit shorter than the rest and is priced accordingly. Because your purchase includes lifetime access, you'll automatically get the new episodes when they are added.

Purchase SUMMER

Storytime // 
Autumn Season




Storytime // Winter Season




Storytime // 
Spring Season




ūüĆą Our members are surprised at what Storytime adds to their lives. ūüĆą

"It's about more than the videos!"


  • You have a¬†daily and weekly rhythm that connects you with your child¬†and the world around you.
  • You¬†know how to¬†use pedagogical tales to prepare your child for transitions¬†or to help navigate challenging behaviors.
  • You¬†learn songs¬†to help you with daily transitions,¬†recognize the seasons, and celebrate the world around you.
  • Your¬†connection to your children grows¬†as you¬†create¬†and work together on¬†artistic projects.¬†

Hear what Maggie has to say about Storytime...

"As a mother to two little ones, I have felt my dreams for their childhood often collide with the exhaustion of simply keeping them safe and well-fed.

A childhood full of magic, music, verse, and storytelling has felt hard to prioritize, especially when this type of knowledge was not something I came into motherhood possessing. When would I have the time to read the books? To memorize the songs? To learn the crafts?  When would I find the energy to create meaningful rhythms that flowed with us throughout each season? 

This vision for my children’s early childhood plastered my Pinterest boards but always felt completely out of reach when it came to the chaos of our daily lives. That was until we discovered Little Round Schoolhouse and Storytime. 

The single most valuable gift that Storytime offers is accessibility. It takes many beautiful components of a deeply intentional early childhood education and makes them accessible to all children and their caregivers. You don’t need to have an early childhood education degree, send your children to an expensive private school, have all the fancy Waldorf toys, read all the books, or try to do everything yourself. All you need is Storytime.

Storytime meets you right where you are. In the kitchen, bedraggled after another night of not much sleep, wondering how you will make it through till naptime (or the next 5 years). Storytime is there, offering rhythm, consistency, and beauty to your family. Storytime sparks joy and connection through story and verse, while providing a vision and a step-by-step roadmap to a childhood for my children that no longer feels just out of reach.  

It is pure magic."

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I'm Miss Becca.

Early childhood educator ~ Storyteller ~ Puppeteer

For over twelve years, I operated a mixed-aged forest preschool for children 3-6 years old on my property outside of Asheville, NC. Now I reach families with young children around the world through our nature-based, secular, inclusive programming, including Storytime in the Schoolhouse.