Storytime in the Schoolhouse

A membership program creating consistency, connection, & community.

Join me, Ms. Becca, each weekday as we follow a predictable rhythm of seasonal songs, stories, field trips, and crafting projects.

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I knew there were certain things I wanted to incorporate in our homeschooling, including circle time, song and fingerplays, and self-expression through storytelling and reenactment, but there was nothing available specifically showing me how to do all these things – until I discovered Ms. Becca and Storytime.

     - Megan, Storytime Subscriber

The Storytime Membership Includes

  • New Storytime videos Monday through Friday. Our videos follow a predictable and consistent rhythm that includes stories, puppet shows, field trips, nature trips, and craft visits.
  • A corresponding Guidebook with additional resources, projects, and extension activities.
  • Online classroom for accessing all membership resources in one place.
  • Free app for easy access of videos and resources. Stream from your device or cast to your TV.
  • A private Facebook group for members.
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Megan D., Storytime Member

The circle time helps me bring more wonder into daily life. I don’t have to remember to research and learn finger plays and songs, or think of seasonal stories. I can watch a few with my child and learn it all and keep doing it outside of circle time. ♥️

These Times Call for a New Rhythm

Parents hear of the importance of establishing a rhythm for their children. Yet the idea of rhythm is itself often elusive. 

We may even create a beautiful rhythm chart or print one from a curriculum or website. Then we try to wake up one day and follow this rhythm. Trying to produce this much change at once is nearly impossible and most of us eventually fall off the wagon...and feel like failures. We might even toss out the idea of rhythm altogether.

This is why I teach families to incorporate ONE, SMALL, DOABLE change at a time.

And that’s exactly why I created Storytime in the Schoolhouse. It’s my intention to bring the rhythm, joy, and magic of the classroom into your home.

Storytime helps establish a predictable and consistent rhythm that children can count on and find comfort in. This is especially crucial right now. 

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Why Storytime in the Schoolhouse?

  • Adds predictability and consistency to your day, reducing anxiety and increasing calm 
  • Provides a daily rhythm which helps children connect to you and to the world around them
  • Can act as an educational "spine"--providing themes and content around which you can plan other activities and curriculum
  • Helps children learn through play
  • The “live” feel of the videos is personable and engaging
  • Inspires playful creativity long after the storytime session is over
  • Increases imaginative play which is linked to problem solving, creativity, and communication
  • Singing songs helps with transitions and adds joy to everyday life
  • Gain skills as a parent for using song and story at home with your children
  • Combines the many aspects of early childhood education that often seem elusive or hard to learn and prepare on your own
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Finger plays, poems, and songs

These integral parts of storytime are known to build language skills and lay the foundation for future academic learning.


Storytelling lays the foundation for language arts skills such as reading, writing, narration, and recall. 

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*Accessibility is important to us at Little Round Schoolhouse. Our Equity Rates are available for those in marginalized communities or with limited financial resources who would not have access to our membership without this discount. There are no questions asked or applications to fill out. Simply click here to access our Equity Rates for our Monthly Membership.

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The Happy Member Guarantee:

No commitment. Risk-free. Easy to cancel.

If you are reading this section, you think Storytime might be a good fit for your family but you are afraid of getting stuck in a commitment or--worse!--not being able to cancel if you don’t like it.

You may be asking “Will this work for us? Will my child like it?”

The best way to find out? Try it for a month.

If you don’t like Storytime or it doesn’t work for your family, you can cancel anytime with the click of a button or an email to my team and you won’t be billed again. (Customer support email: [email protected])

We like happy Storytime members! Have peace of mind that it’s easy to cancel if the membership doesn’t work for you.

And, because I care about you and your concerns…
Answers to our most popular questions:

Have a question you need answered before you become a Storytime Member?

Below is a list of the most common questions I’m asked about Storytime. If your question isn’t answered here, reach out to me and my team via email ([email protected]) so we can help you.

If I don’t want a monthly commitment, can I join for just a month?

Storytime Members have no commitment or obligation to continue paying a monthly fee. If Storytime is not for you, simply cancel from the member dashboard or reach out to our support team ([email protected]); you won’t be charged again.

Is there support available if I have questions or need help?

I have an amazing team here to support you as you find your way around the membership. We want to make sure you use the membership to its full potential. Your membership provides you with support to establish a rhythm around Storytime and bring the various components (stories, songs, and projects) to life in your home.
Additionally, our private Facebook community is full of active, engaged, and supportive parents. Together we share how we use the individual pieces of Storytime in our daily lives.

What if I’m not sure if my child is the right age for Storytime?

Storytime was created for families with children in early childhood but we soon learned that children across many ages and levels of development enjoy Storytime. We have newborns and children as old as 12 who join us each day in the schoolhouse. If you aren’t sure whether or not it’s a good fit, our suggestion is to try it out! If it’s not a good fit, you can easily cancel and you won’t be charged again.

What if I join Storytime and my child isn’t interested?

We want all our members, young and old, to be happy and engaged in the Schoolhouse!
First and foremost, Storytime wasn’t created to be a digital babysitter–it’s intended to be a consistent moment of connection between you and your child. We encourage you to sit down with your child, sing the songs, learn the fingerplays, and enjoy the stories.

If you try this and Storytime still isn’t a good fit for your child, you can cancel anytime. There is no commitment and no risk.

We limit or avoid screen time for our children. How will this membership work for us?

I see you being intentional with your parenting choices–high five!
Storytime takes the best elements of screen time while avoiding the more troublesome components–-making it many families' first choice for introducing screen time. And! Storytime is about more than videos. Storytime is a consistent moment of connection between you and your child. You learn songs, stories, and crafts to bring into the rest of your day and life.

Storytime is SLOW. There is lots of repetition, no camera changes, and an adult who truly loves children on the other side of the screen.

All that being said, you may still want to avoid screen time and we respect your decision. Starting in Jan 2022, our membership will include access to an audio-only version of Storytime. You still have access to the monthly Guidebooks (filled with songs, stories, and projects) and can utilize the corresponding activities and projects regardless of whether you listen to the audio or watch the videos.

Lastly, a small percentage of our members are parents who watch Storytime on their own to learn the songs and stories and then bring the material to their child.

My child is in school during the day, will this work for us?

Storytime isn’t just for homeschoolers. We have many families in our community whose children attend preschool or kindergarten. How you use Storytime will depend on your unique life and schedule, but we encourage you to find a consistent time to watch together each day. This might be after breakfast and before leaving for school. Or it might be part of your after school rhythm to watch Storytime together and then work on a craft. Storytime is about more than videos, it’s about a consistent moment of connection with your child.

I’m an early childhood teacher looking for ideas for the classroom, may I join?

Yes you may! We are working on a separate membership specifically for early childhood educators. In the meantime, we warmly welcome you to join our regular membership. You will learn stories, songs, and projects to share with your community or classroom.

We may not be able to watch everyday and could fall behind. How will this affect us?

No one “falls behind” in the Schoolhouse! Our membership includes a video for each day of the week. Some of our families watch consistently each day while others choose to only watch one or two days a week. Of course, life happens and sometimes we miss a week or more! As a member, you will have access not only to this month’s episodes but to episodes from the previous two months as well. This gives you the peace of mind to know you will be able to watch any videos you miss.

We are very intentional with what our children watch and experience. Is your program secular? 

Yes! Storytime is a secular, nature-based, inclusive program. We work hard to be developmentally appropriate and provide content that is gentle and slow. Our curriculum (songs, stories, and projects) comes from the natural world. I strongly believe that young children need the chance to develop curiosity and wonder about the natural world before they are given “science lessons” or academic explanations.

I don’t want my child to watch with me. Instead, I would like to watch and learn the songs and stories, and bring them to my child. Would this work?

Yes! A small percentage of our members are parents who watch Storytime on their own to learn the songs and stories and then bring the material to their child. As a member, you have access to our monthly Guidebooks which include song lyrics, story overviews, craft project instructions, and loads of extension activities.