Storytime in the Schoolhouse

Creating Connection, Community, & Consistency through Story and Play


Join me, Miss Becca, every weekday morning for Storytime in the Schoolhouse. We'll learn seasonal verses, fun songs, and share in a special story or a puppet show. 

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I knew there were certain things I wanted to incorporate in our homeschooling, including circle time, song and fingerplays, and self-expression through storytelling and reenactment, but there was nothing available specifically showing me how to do all these things – until I discovered Ms. Becca and Storytime.
     - Megan, Storytime Subscriber

Sample Storytime

Stone Soup
Old Chinese Tale
(16 mins)

Uncertain Times Call For a New Rhythm 

Many parents want to establish a rhythm or routine for their families. 

Structure is super important. The problem is that planning an entire day’s worth of activities often sounds great on paper, but when we fall off the wagon and don’t stick to that routine, we tend to give up completely. It’s human nature.

And that’s why I believe in incorporating ONE, SMALL change. That’s how to create lasting transformation.

And that’s exactly why I created Storytime in the Schoolhouse. It’s my intention to bring the rhythm, joy, and magic of the classroom into your home.


Storytime helps establish a predictable ritual that children can count on and find comfort in. This is especially crucial right now. 

"...a beautiful experience! With a loving caregiver next to the child participating along with the songs and making appropriate expressions, it was just like being in a classroom. Thank you so so much!" -Jessica


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Why Storytime in the Schoolhouse?

  • Gives children something predictable, engaging and fun to look forward to (removes uncertainty)
  • Provides a daily rhythm which helps children connect to you and to the world around them
  • Helps children learn through play
  • Can help solve behavioral issues by providing certainty and calmness
  • The “live” feel of the videos feels like being in a classroom
  • Inspires playful creativity through imagination long after the storytime session is over
  • Singing songs reduces anxiety
  • You feel better when your kids are calm and happy
  • You gain skill as a parent for using song and story in your daily life

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What subscribers are saying:


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"Our boys were rambunctious until they heard your voice and calm IMMEDIATELY happened! Thank you!"

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"It is providing certainty in uncertain times! My family loves it and cannot wait to meet you. The kids emulate what they see making their own puppet shows in their Miss Becca aprons!"

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"Ms Becca is a truly gifted storyteller whose joyous spirit and love of children shines through in every minute of her videos.

Wherever you live in this world of ours you can be a part of these beautiful stories too because the subscription is super affordable..."


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"You bring such life to the circle times that my children even asked when it would be story time this weekend (and were sad when I said it was the weekend). This is such a gift in these detached times - a connection that barely feels like screen in between." 

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