Poppy's Fresh Peaches | A story for spring equinox

Poppy's Fresh Peaches | A story for spring equinox

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Celebrating the Change of Seasons with Young Children

How can we celebrate the change of seasons with young children? Every year, spring’s arrival feels a bit like magic, and I always want to recognize it with the children in my care. Storytelling is one of the main ways I mark the passage of the seasons and the changes in the natural world. If you want a simple, nature-based story for your preschooler, listen to this Purple Day episode from Storytime in the Schoolhouse ®. 

You will enjoy a nature-based story about the spring equinox, giving you and your child a meaningful way to connect with the change of seasons and the natural world.

A Story for Spring Equinox: Poppy’s Fresh Peaches

Poppy and her mom were preparing for their annual spring equinox celebration. Their tradition was to bake a peach pie to remind them of the sunny, warm days that will soon return. They always used canned peaches from what they harvested the summer before.

This year, Poppy decides she wants fresh peaches, not canned ones, even though fresh peaches can’t be found where she lives this time of year. Poppy is determined to find fresh peaches! She walks into town, hoping to trade walnuts for fresh peaches. Along the way, she runs into many animals and people, each trading her for something new. Much to her delight, she finds fresh peaches at the end of her walk!

Poppy and her mama have fresh peach pie for the spring equinox.

Enjoy the audio of the episode of Storytime above. You can download the episode from our Purple Day podcast page, and you can save the Purple Day RSS feed here

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