A community of simplicity and joy for
young children and their families.

A community of simplicity and joy for young children and their families.

Bring the magic of the schoolhouse into your home.

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Woman sitting inside a yurt. She is white with long brown hair. Her arms are outstretched to her sides with hands up. Photo from Little Round Schoolhouse

Welcome, friends!

Hi, I'm Becca. Little Round Schoolhouse began over a decade ago as an in-person program for children ages 3-6. For 10 years I guided young children and their families through the cycles of the year in our mostly-outdoor program. Now I spend my time helping families bring the magic and joy of the schoolhouse into their homes through our online offerings and communities.

More about me
"I knew there were certain things I wanted to incorporate in our homeschooling, including circle time, song and fingerplays, and self-expression through storytelling and reenactment, but there was nothing available specifically showing me how to do all these things – until I discovered Ms. Becca...How happy I was to have everything finally click when we sat down as a family and watched Storytime in the Schoolhouse for the first time."


Megan, Storytime Community Member

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Ms. Becca's Bookshelf

See the books that have inspired, encouraged, and taught me along the way. This list also includes our book studies for the 2021-2022 academic year. Come join us for a free book study!

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