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This Week on Purple Day: Wild Hawk Lake

Jun 19, 2023

Purple Day is a podcast from Storytime in the Schoolhouse. Our Purple Day podcasts are the audio from Storytime’s Monday episodes. Please note: Storytime is written and recorded for the screen. Some elements of Storytime will transfer better than others.

In this week's episode of Purple Day, we will learn new finger plays and songs about summer and then hear a story about a little girl who goes on an adventure in the mountains to help her village get water to their crops. This Storytime episode will teach you and your child seasonal songs, poems, and fingerplays as well as a nature-based story. Enjoy Storytime with your child and deepen your connection to each other and the world around you.

Listen to Purple Day episode 40: Wild Hawk Lake

We enjoy singing and reciting nature-based, seasonal songs and poems during circle time. As the month progresses, we learn new verses for our songs and poems. We also practice a deep breathing exercise on Mondays.  

After circle time, we hear a story together. We listen to nature stories and folk tales during the third and fourth weeks of the month. Today we hear the story of Wild Hawk Lake, based on a traditional tale from Japan. Long ago, a girl named Wilma lived at the foot of a great mountain. There had not been rain for a long time, and the farms in her village had become dry. The people were worried they wouldn’t have anything to harvest. 

One day Wilma found a deep lake of fresh, clean water while exploring the mountain, and she knew this water could help her village. She found an overflow spot where she could bring the water to her village, but it was blocked by a stone gate secured with a lock! Wilma has to find the key to the gate so she can bring the water to her village.

Listen to Purple Day episode 40: Wild Hawk Lake

Purple Day is a podcast from Storytime in the Schoolhouse. Our Purple Day podcast episodes are the audio from our Monday videos. Storytime Members have access to five videos each week, along with related activities and curriculum. 


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