Rhythm: A Series

Mar 15, 2021

I have spent the last nine years being trained by Kim Payne and his staff at the Simplicity Parenting Institute. The foundation of our work is focused on simplifying four main areas: environment, rhythm, scheduling, and the adult world. We find that the more we simplify these areas, the less overwhelmed and anxious our children (and us!) feel. 

I want to look at number two as it is coming up over and over again from parents I’m working with: Rhythm.

We hear a lot about rhythm in Waldorf circles; especially in early childhood. Yet, for many of us, it remains elusive. I find that rhythm is the one aspect of parenting that many of us yearn for yet few of us know how to put it into place. We see people make pretty colorful charts that seem unrealistic or we create a beautiful rhythm for morning to night but then struggle to implement it.

We may not even really grasp what the heck people are talking about when they talk about rhythm. Perhaps our life is chaotic and unpredictable and we are certain it won’t work for our family.

I am going to spend the next month sharing my thoughts about rhythm; what it is, why it’s important, and how to implement it at home. Regardless of your experience with rhythm or how it has worked for your family, I hope these thoughts feel supportive.

As I work on creating supportive resources, I would like to hear from you: Where do you need support in creating a rhythm? Do you need basic help or have specific questions? Comment here and let me know all your burning questions, concerns, and needs when it comes to creating and implementing rhythm.

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