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Simplify your child's toys and change your life

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your child's toys? You're not the only one. Most parents feel like their children have too many, yet never seem to play with any of them!

It's easy to think that yet another new toy will hold their interest and lead to hours of imaginative free play void of conflict. We've all purchased toys for our children with these hopes...then they only add to our already mounting toy pile! Sometimes, even the beautiful, expensive wooden toys sit in the corner, unappreciated or unused. 

If you've been looking for a reason to simplify your toys, here it is! This post offers my suggestions for simplifying your toys (and changing your life!).

Simplify Your Child's Toys & Change Your Life

I have watched hundreds of families lessen general anxiety and overwhelm merely by simplifying their physical environment (think: TOYS).

Reducing your child's toy collection is known to:

  • Reduce general anxiety and overwhelm.
  • Increase creative, independent play.
  • Increase cooperation around tidying up.
  • Increase care of their belongings.
  • Decrease sibling rivalry.

But where do you start? If you've wanted to simplify but feel overwhelmed by the process, I'm here for you! 

The following graphics from my Toy Simplification Program will give you direction and encouragement as you set out to reduce your child's toy collection. 

I hosted a Toy Simplification Challenge a couple of years ago and filmed this video to introduce the power of simplifying toys and where to begin the process. 

Simplifying your child's toys really can change your life. Most parents are surprised at the positive effects felt throughout the entire home. Simplicity Parenting begins with our environment for a reason: simplifying our physical space creates such immediate positive change that we are encouraged to go deeper and work on the more challenging aspects of simplification (like rhythm, scheduling, and the adult world).

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If you're interested in adding more principles of Simplicity Parenting to your life, join us for our next Rhythm Workshop!

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