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How to Break Up with Your Phone (part 1)

book review screens May 15, 2019


When I saw this book sitting at the store, it called my name and I knew it would be my next read. It also came at the perfect time during our Foundations online coaching course. We are spending time during this module exploring how screen time affects our ability to be present as parents and also how it affects our parenting itself (increase in fears, doubts, and insecurities). There was no better time to consider "breaking up with my phone" than now.

I plan to read a couple chapters a week and post about the read here on the blog. Please grab a copy  and join me as we read the book and create some positive changes in our relationship with our phone and mobile devices. 

This first week we will read the "Open Letter to my Phone" and the Introduction chapter. 

The author, Catherine Price, is passionate about "using [her] background as a science journalist to help people question their assumptions and make positive changes in their lives—particularly...

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