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Foundations 4-Payment Plan

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Enroll now so you can begin to create meaningful, sustaining changes in your family life. 

Even after a decade of this work, I continue to be amazed at what a direct and immediate effect simplifying has on children and families. When I am first contacted by a family, they tell me they know they need to make a shift but aren't sure exactly how they need to do it. Often they know what they want their family life to look and feel like yet aren’t sure how to get from their current reality to their desired reality. Most of them have created all kinds of positive changes that then fell away and they were back to where they started.


Creating lasting changes in your family life is possible. It takes commitment, intention, accountability, and lots of good support. Our group coaching course allows you to connect with other families and support each other through the simplification process. It can often feel like we are paddling upstream against the current of our culture. Having other parents along for the journey makes the paddling that much easier. 

Our Signature Program Foundations in Simplicity Parenting:

- An 8-module online course including videos, audios, workbooks, and downloadable resources.

- A 100+ page Parent Handbook filled with exercises and worksheets to keep you focused.

- The opportunity to create specific changes to implement at home during the course of the program.

- A closed Facebook group to connect with, support, and encourage other participants.



- Lifetime access to the course and materials, including any upgrades and additions made.

- Lifetime access to the closed Facebook group for ongoing support.

- LAST CHANCE to be granted Lifetime Membership! 


This course includes weekly, live coaching calls where you will have the chance to have your questions answered and gain direct support in making changes in your life. Participants will be able to share where they are having challenges and gain support in making positive changes in these areas.


The main hub of the course is the online classroom which includes 8 full and rich modules including video, workbooks, and audio. We even have some optional art projects/responses you can do along the way. 


You will work through creating changes in the Four Pillars of Simplification:

  1. Environment

Our environment is the space in which we live; our home and what’s inside. This includes toys, books, and clothes as well as general belongings and household clutter. When we simplify our child’s environment, we create a space with fewer toys and less visual clutter. With fewer toys comes deeper imaginative play, less sibling rivalry, and more cooperation with tidying up. Parents who do a major simplification of their environment are often surprised to find their children play more and with more ease and connection.
During this course, you will do a major simplification of your home environment, focusing on your child’s toys, clothes, and books.

2. Rhythm
Our rhythm is how our day and week flows. Rhythm isn’t strictly tied to clock time but is what happens in what order during our day and week. What happens in the morning after we wake up? What happens after school each day? What is happening between dinner and bedtime? How about Saturday morning versus Wednesday morning?

What we simplify our rhythm, we are mindful of the flow of our day, balancing outward activities with inward ones. We also bring attention to the flow of our week and what happens on each day. We begin to build consistent, reliable daily and weekly routines that our children come to expect. These regular “anchors” help instill connection and calm in your child and family’s life. Examples of these are family meals, bedtime routines, or weekly dedicated family times.
In this course, you will begin to create a family rhythm, adding a flow and predictability to your days and weeks that will calm and support your child(ren).

3. Schedules
Our schedule is what we plan outside the home. While rhythm is about the flow of things, scheduling is about what we put on our calendar. This includes extra curricular activities, play dates, sports, clubs, events, gatherings, trips, etc.

When we simplify a child’s schedule, we reduce their number of weekly activities and make sure they have plenty of downtime at home for free play as well as outside play. Too much time running around in organized activities isn’t good for children, even older ones. When we plan our child’s schedule, we should balance “active” days with “calm” ones.
In this course, you will take a critical look at your family’s schedule and make simplifying changes to bring downtime and activity more into balance.

4. The Adult World
The adult world includes news, media and screens as well as adult conversations (like issues regarding finances, relationships, or world events). The adult world also includes your own beliefs, fears, and anxieties about the world, childhood, children, or your child.

When we simplify the adult world, we help protect children from too much information too soon. Young children cannot developmentally process the events of the news and our adult world (including finances, bills, and adult relationships). Conversations about politics, the state of the environment, and the refugee crisis are best left until the older years when children can critically think and problem solve. In the younger years, these conversations cause anxiety, fear, and overwhelm. Likewise, we need to simplify our child’s access to screens and media. Too much time on screens creates oppositional behaviors in children and takes away from time to be outside or creatively playing. 
During this course you will create screen time rules for adults and children as well as consider a rhythm around when screens can be used and when they should be turned off. Additionally, you will consider the conversations that happen around your children and make changes where needed.

The course begins the week of January 23, running 14 weeks with a break the week of April 5-10. Coaching calls will be once a week with recordings available if you can't be there live.

While I know you will get results if you do this work, I offer a no questions asked 14 day return policy. On midnight of the 14th day of class, you will no longer be able to request a refund.