The Apple House

The Purple Day Podcast is the audio from our Monday episodes of Storytime in the Schoolhouse. Please note: Storytime is written and recorded for the screen. Some elements of Storytime will transfer better than others. 


Every Purple Day, or Monday, we are inside the schoolhouse for circle time and storytime. 

We enjoy singing and reciting nature-based, seasonal songs and poems during circle time. As the month progresses, we learn new song and poem verses. We also practice a deep breathing exercise on Mondays.  

After circle time, we hear a story together. We listen to nature stories and folk tales during the third and fourth weeks of the month. Today, we hear the story of The Apple House. This is Becca’s version of a popular autumn tale.

This is a simple story about a Little Apple Tree who looks at the sky at night and wishes they were a star. Mother Earth reminds them to be patient and trust that they are special, too. As the apple tree grows bigger and changes and grows apples, they continue to wish they were a star, and Mother Earth continues to remind them to be patient and wait and see. Once the Little Apple Tree has ripe apples, Mother Earth slices an apple top from the bottom, showing the Apple Tree that there is a star inside each of their apples. The Little Apple is overjoyed to learn they have been a house for stars all along.

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