Pip the Pumpkin Pixie / A pedagogical tale

This week’s story is our pedagogical tale, or teaching story, for October. In this story we visit a pumpkin pixie named Pip who forgets the importance of balancing rest and play with “getting done what needs to get done.” Pip is visited by ten tiny fairies who take control of his hands and finally do what needs to be done around the pumpkin.

Today’s Purple Day Podcast is the audio from our Monday Storytime video. Storytime in the Schoolhouse is a nature-based, secular, inclusive membership for preschool-aged children and their families. Storytime families have access to five new videos a week as well as supportive curriculum and extension projects. We take the time to curate the songs, stories, and projects and give you more time to actually do these fun things with your child. Learn more about Storytime in the Schoolhouse and see videos of our current week’s episode at www.littleroundschoolhouse.com .