The Old Woman & the Mouse

This is a simple and sweet folktale from Sweden.

There is a woman who is using her spinning wheel to turn wool into yarn. She is going to use the yarn to make a new sweater for herself because hers is getting old and worn and no longer keeps her warm. A curious mouse comes to visit and asks what the woman is making and what the woman will do with her old sweater when her new one is complete. The little mouse returns every day for the rest of the week, asking the woman questions about what she is doing…ever curious what will happen to the old clothes when they are replaced with new ones. Listen to this week's story to hear what happens.

Wool into yarn, wool into yarn
Spin, spin, spin, my spinning wheel
Wool into yarn.

Snug and warm, snug and warm
Now I’m going to be so snug and warm.

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