Grandpa Ivy & the Hedgehogs

The first week of each month, we hear a story about Grandpa Ivy. He is a kind soul who lives by a river in rural southern Appalachia. No one is sure how old he is and some suspect he might be a gnome… In this week’s story Grandpa Ivy wakes to the smell of frost in the air and realizes he needs to finish harvesting his vegetable garden. After spending much of the day working, he takes a break to have some tea before he finishes harvesting. Then he falls asleep sitting on his porch! He sleeps until the sun starts to set and the hedgehogs who live across the creek wake up for the night. They see Grandpa Ivy hasn’t finished harvesting his vegetables and they know a frost is coming. They work together to harvest the rest of the garden for him and, when doing so, find a rather large pumpkin--too large to move. So they decide to leave it in the garden and use it as their home that winter! Today’s Purple Day Podcast is the audio from our Monday Storytime video. Storytime in the Schoolhouse is a nature-based, secular, inclusive membership for preschool-aged children and their families. We take the time to curate the songs, stories, and projects and give you more time to actually do these fun things with your child. Learn more about Storytime in the Schoolhouse and see videos of our current week’s episode at .