A House for the Sun's Spark

A little girl notices the days are shortening and she wonders how she will enjoy the colder, darker days ahead. Father Sun comes out from behind the clouds to let the girl know that during the colder and darker days, she must tend to her spark within. The little girl doesn’t think she will remember when there is darkness all around her. Father Sun tells her he will share one of his sparks with her if she will build a safe house for it. This spark can serve as a reminder to tend her own light during the dark months ahead. The little girl works hard to create a beautiful lantern. She presents it to Father Sun who gives her a spark to tend all winter long.

Note: This week we don’t hear our pedagogical story as usual. Since November 11 is the traditional day for a Lantern Walk (also known as Martinmas in the Waldorf tradition), we are sharing a lantern walk story this week. Our pedagogical story is next week instead.

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