The Lamplighter

The Purple Day Podcast is the audio from our Monday episodes of Storytime in the Schoolhouse. Please note: Storytime is written and recorded for the screen. Some elements of Storytime will transfer better than others. 

Every Purple Day, or Monday, we are inside the schoolhouse for circle time and storytime. 

During circle time, we learn seasonal songs and poems together. This week, we learn new lines and words to our poems, making our circle time slightly longer than last week. We also practice a mindful breathing exercise. This month, we are learning  Candle Breathing. 

After circle time, we hear a story together. Today, we hear the story of The Lamplighter. Long ago, there was a lamp at the center of town that everyone in the village used to keep their own lanterns lit. However, one day, a young woman found that the lamp keeper had grown old and the light in the lamp had gone out. She set off into the forest to look for a light to bring back to the lantern.

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