Grandpa Ivy & King Winter

The Purple Day Podcast is the audio from our Monday episodes of Storytime in the Schoolhouse. Please note: Storytime is written and recorded for the screen. Some elements of Storytime will transfer better than others.

Every Purple Day, or Monday, we are inside the schoolhouse for circle time and storytime. During circle time we enjoy singing and reciting nature-based, seasonal songs and poems. We start a new circle time at the beginning of the month, learning the songs and poems together slowly throughout the month. We also practice a deep breathing exercise on Mondays.

After circle time, we listen to a story together. The first week of each month, Ms. Becca tells us a Grandpa Ivy story. This week we hear the story of Grandpa Ivy & King Winter. In this story, Grandpa Ivy wakes up one January morning with everything much colder, windier, and snowier than it usually is at his house. He worries about the animals staying well fed and warm when everything is cold and frozen. King Winter appears and he shows Grandpa Ivy how he cares for the animals throughout the winter.


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