Possum Who Didn't Like Anything New

The Purple Day Podcast is the audio from our Monday episodes of Storytime in the Schoolhouse. Please note: Storytime is written and recorded for the screen. Some elements of Storytime will transfer better than others. 

Every Purple Day, or Monday, we are inside the schoolhouse for circle time and storytime. 

During circle time, we learn seasonal songs and poems together. This week, we learn new lines and words to our poems, making our circle time slightly longer than last week. We also practice a mindful breathing exercise. This month we are learning balloon breathing.

After circle time, we hear a story together. The second week of each month, we hear a pedagogical or teaching tale. These stories address an upcoming change, difficult event, or challenging behavior. Today we hear the story of The Possum Who Didn’t Like Anything New. 

Peter Possum didn’t like anything new. He didn’t enjoy meeting new people, playing outside when it was rainy, or going to new places. He would rather stay inside his mother’s pouch. This is mostly what he did until, much to his surprise; he became too big for his mother’s pouch. Peter then learns (with encouragement and support) that going to new places and meeting new people can be a lot of fun, even when it initially feels scary. 

This story can help support children who are hesitant or fearful to try new things and/or meet new people.

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