Welcome to the Little Round Schoolhouse!  

We are a small school offering programs and services to help support, educate and nourish parents during their parenting journey.

Our main program, our mixed age preschool/ kindergarten, spends most of the time outside playing, working, and exploring in our forested setting. Our school program maintains a small class size in order to best support each child and our short school week is intended to give children plenty of time home with their families between school hours. 

Additionally, we offer Simplicity Parenting coaching and support for parents of children of all ages. Simplicity Parenting is a way of parenting and a way of life. It is a way designed to help parents slow down, worry less, and enjoy more. The study groups and coaching sessions provide parents with inspiration and a blueprint for change.  See our Simplicity Parenting page for more information.

We are devoted to providing quality programs that meet the physical, social-emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of young children.  We recognize and value the magic of early childhood and want to create a space that honors and nurtures our young children.