The Little Round Schoolhouse is a home-based preschool and kindergarten program for children 3-6 years old.  The school is situated on our land in beautiful Bent Creek (SW Asheville).  We are devoted to providing a quality program that meets the physical, social-emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of young children.  We recognize and value the magic of early childhood and want to create a space that honors and nurtures our young children.

We draw a great amount of inspiration from the Waldorf model of early childhood education, which doesn’t include any formal academics but sets the foundation for academic learning later in life.  We believe that play is the true work of childhood and that learning by doing provides a framework for problem solving and critical thinking, as well as a love for lifelong learning.

We surround our children with simple, natural toys and experiences.  We let the children do things directly for themselves, trusting in their natural development and growth.

 We enjoy a daily rhythm of activities including free indoor and outdoor play, circle time and story time, watercolor painting, baking, nature hikes, beeswax modeling, gardening, handwork and sewing, and seasonal crafts.  

We are a small school of dedicated teachers with many years experience working with children.  We value lifelong learning in ourselves and strive for continual education outside of the classroom.