The Story of the Little Round Schoolhouse

“Dozens of families transformed their lives, I was amazed at what I saw; anxious children became less anxious; overwhelm turned into more ease for both children and parents”

Becca Lane (founder) 

Preserving the magic and joy of childhood.

Hi, I'm Becca Lane.

I'm the founder of the Little Round Schoolhouse and Storytime in the Schoolhouse. 

Little Round Schoolhouse began as a mixed-age preschool/kindergarten in Asheville, NC. Like many things on my personal journey, there was a large dose of magic involved.


I left my teaching job and made the (somewhat crazy) decision to open a school in a yurt in my backyard. 

Our community accepted our school with open arms and we had full enrollment before we even had a structure! 

Children and parents came together to help us to literally build the physical schoolhouse.  

An incredible community formed. Parents began to report we were positively changing their lives and the way they would raise their children.

It didn't take long for me to realize that teaching children was only one layer of my work; a large part my work was educating parents and providing them with the tools they need to navigate parenthood.

 Parents saw the simplicity, joy, and magic of our school days and wanted to learn more about how to bring these qualities into their home and family life. This need to support and meet parents inspired me to start parenting groups based on the Simplicity Parenting method founded by Kim Payne.

I was one of the first trained under this model over 8 years ago and have completed three trainings with Payne since. Supporting parents via Simplicity Parenting remains a key component of our process at Little Round Schoolhouse.

Storytime in the Schoolhouse

Today, instead of finding myself in the classroom with a dozen children, I am in the homes of hundreds of families around the world via my Storytime in the Schoolhouse subscription. This program brings the magic and joy of the early childhood classroom into homes in ways I never dreamed possible. 

The Little Round Schoolhouse

is no longer just a small school. While we remain an integral part of our local community, we are now supporting parents beyond our location.  Combining the Simplicity Parenting framework, tenets of Waldorf education, and over a decade of classroom experience, we’re supporting families all over the world, just like yours.


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