Shimmer & Glimmer’s New Home / A story for preschoolers about separation & divorce

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Navigating separation and divorce is challenging for the whole family. Talking to our young children about these big changes can be especially hard. Storytelling is a gentle and compassionate way to introduce challenging topics and upcoming changes.

This video clip is from an episode of Storytime in the Schoolhouse. It includes a pedagogical story I wrote for preschool-age children experiencing separation or divorce. (It is also a great story to share with friends of the child going through divorce; it can be a confusing time for lots of folks!)

Story: Shimmer & Glimmer’s New Home

Shimmer and Glimmer live with their fishy parents in a rocky cove in the sea. One day a big storm comes to the cove and causes it to change. Now it is two rocky coves instead of one, with one parent fish living on one side and the other living on the other. Thankfully, there is still a long path connecting the two coves. One of the first things the fishies do in their new home is gather some soft seaweed and make a cozy bed nestled in the rocks. Now they have a place to sleep in both coves.


Want to make a finger puppet to go along with the story? Check out our fish finger puppet video tutorial!

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