Wilson Wild Wind | A story about balancing wild moments with calm ones

Wilson Wild Wind | A story about balancing wild moments with calm ones

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Listen to this Purple Day audio and enjoy a story about a little wild wind who learns the importance of balancing calm and quiet with loud and wild.

Stories are helpful ways to approach challenging subjects with our children, including their behavior. This pedagogical tale is about a little wild wind who struggles to slow down. It is a gentle way to discuss with your child how their behavior affects those around them.

I wrote this story to share with a group of children who were always in go-go-go mode–it seemed they never slowed down! After hearing this story, we practiced intentional quiet moments at the end of outdoor free play. Once everything was tidy, we would simply sit down and listen quietly without talking. Then, we each shared what we heard. Like Wilson Wild Wind, the children realized a lot was happening that they couldn’t hear when being fast, loud, and wild.

Story: Wilson Wild Wind | A pedagogical tale

Author: Becca Lane

Wilson Wild Wind was an out-of-control wind that blew and rattled without letting up. He pushed down trees, ripped bushes from the ground, and sent rocks flying off mountaintops. He had no friends because he was so wild; most would try to get out of Wilson Wild Wind’s way when he came by. He continued to blow, rattle, and roar until he ran out of energy and found himself lying in the woods. He then heard beautiful sounds he had never heard before. This changed Wilson, and he discovered he was in control of how hard he blew; he could blow softly and carefully and still hear these beautiful sounds.

This audio episode of Purple Day includes the full story of Wilson Wild Wind. You can listen to the full episode and story from this blog post or download the episode from our Purple Day podcast page. Purple Day is the audio from our Monday episodes of Storytime in the Schoolhouse®. Please note: Storytime was recorded for the screen and some elements translate to audio better than others.

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