Maisie's New Mousie | A pedagogical story about a new sibling

Maisie's New Mousie | A pedagogical story about a new sibling

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Pedagogical or teaching tales are wonderful ways to support young children during transition or change, including adding a new sibling to the family! Children can better approach challenging topics through stories that are indirectly about them and their experiences. Stories are the perfect way to start conversations about upcoming transitions or changes.

I wrote this story for a school family expecting a new baby to join the family. Their older child was struggling with the thought of sharing his toys, home, and parents with the new baby. This story helped the family to talk about it in a non-threatening way.

Story: Maisie’s New Mousie | a pedagogical story about a new sibling

By Ms. Becca

Maisie the Mouse was the only little mouse her mama had. They did everything together–just Maisie and her Mama–and Maisie liked it that way. One day, her mama told her a new baby mousie was coming to live with them, and Maisie didn’t like this idea. She didn’t want to share her house, toys, or her mama with another mouse! 

Mother Earth visits Maisie, and Maisie tells her about the new mousie coming to live with them. Mother Earth tells Maisie that change is hard and that having a sibling includes many good things, too. Maisie learns about the three gifts of having a sibling: play, friendship, and love. 


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