Mushroom in the Rain | A spring story for early childhood

Mushroom in the Rain | A spring story for early childhood

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Looking for a sweet, nature-based story for preschool or kindergarten? This Purple Day audio from Storytime in the Schoolhouse includes a spring circle time and a gentle story to enjoy with young children. Listen with your child, and you’ll soon be singing springtime songs and retelling the story of Mushroom in the Rain.

Every Purple Day, or Monday, we are inside the schoolhouse for circle time and storytime.
We enjoy singing and reciting nature-based, seasonal songs and poems during circle time. As the month progresses, we learn new song and poem verses. We also practice a deep breathing exercise on Mondays. This month, we are learning Wind Breathing.

After circle time, we hear a story together. During the third and fourth weeks of the month, we listen to nature stories and folk tales. Today, we hear the story of the Mushroom in the Rain. Animals gather under a mushroom as it rains. The more it rains, the more animals arrive, and the larger the mushroom grows!

Story: Mushroom in the Rain

One day, a honeybee was caught in the rain and sought shelter under a wee little mushroom. As the rain continued to fall, other creatures from the forest approached the mushroom, looking for a place to escape the rain. Each time another arrived, it didn’t seem there was possibly room for one more under the mushroom; the mushroom grew just a little bigger, and another creature fit. Before the rain stopped, a honeybee, mouse, squirrel, and hedgehog fit underneath the wee mushroom!

The Purple Day Podcast is the audio from our Monday episodes of Storytime in the Schoolhouse. Every Purple Day, or Monday, we are inside the Schoolhouse for circle time and storytime.

Enjoy an audio episode of Purple Day from Storytime in the Schoolhouse® above. This episode includes the full story of Mushroom in the Rain. 

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